The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows
Date/Time - Saturday 27/04/2019 - 2:30 PM -

From an idyllic riverside setting, through the snowbound Wild Wood via Mr Toad’s motoring misadventures to the final Battle for Toad Hall, this unique adaptation of Kennth Grahame’s original book oozes with charm & wit.  Timid Mole, the upright Ratty and the belligerent Mr Badger try to keep pompous Mr Toad under control as he causes mayhem in trains, cars, caravans & boats.  Meanwhile, Stan the Stoat & Frank the Ferret have their beady eyes on the splendid Toad Hall.

Can they be stopped?  Will Toad listen to his friends?  Has the carol singing Field Mouse been listening to Slade? What secrets does the Chief Weasel collect in his jam jar?  How will Mole & Ratty find Mr Badger’s home in the dark forest?  What is the strongest creature in the Wild Wood?

Where does the Washerwoman get her hair done?   This family friendly interactive performance shimmers with big characters and big hearts.  It is 70 minutes in length, contains lots of audience participation and is suitable for 4 year olds and over.

Original adaptation for The Cat’s Grin Theatre Company by Don Brown

Tickets : £8    Click here to buy online


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