Gloriana, The Queens Rowbarge : What Happened Next?

Gloriana, The Queens Rowbarge : What Happened Next?
Date/Time - Tuesday 14/11/2017 - 7:30 PM -

Malcolm Knight presents a Royston Pike Lecture

Further to the 2015 Royston Pike lecture, ‘The Making of the Gloriana’,
Malcolm Knight’s talk explores how the Thames Alive organisation was
involved at the beginning with Gloriana, the concept of a River Pageant to
celebrate HM Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and how the Thames Traditional
Rowing Association helped bring the Olympic flame to London on a
traditional rowing boat.
The talk will include pictures of the build, launch and events such as the
Diamond Jubilee Pageant and Day 70 of the Olympic Torch Relay with
background stories, including selected events that Gloriana attended
such as Magna Carta 800, Lord Mayor’s Flotilla, Tudor Pull and Gloriana
Achievers Day.
Malcolm is Secretary of the Thames Traditional Rowing Association and
a Director of Team Thames Alive. A fixed-seat oarsman with five World
Records for distance rowing, three set on the River Thames (the
last in 2005 for rowing the length of the Thames single handed
non-stop), he now organises events for others to enjoy (the annual
Tudor Pull, The Admiral of the Port Challenge, The Port of London
Challenge,The Lord Mayor’s Show Flotilla and is one of the
original organisers of the London 2 Paris Rowing Challenge).
Malcolm is retired from the Metropolitan Police after
serving 25 years

Tickets : £3 payable at the door

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