Our 1 hour class features the first 40 mins of choreographed jumping routines to burn calories fast and finishes with 20 minutes of muscle toning concentrating on abs, legs, triceps and glutes. A focus on high intensity interval training provides short breaks throughout the class to programme the body to burn calories at rest. It’s fun, friendly and fierce with one requirement: you can’t jump without a smile! It is designed for people of all ages and abilities and there are beginners in every session too, so don’t worry about feeling self-conscious – you’ll see everyone bouncing at their own pace. It usually takes 2-3 sessions to get used to all the bouncing and recognise the moves so stick with it…but here’s a warning: it’s addictive! Take a look here

Standard gym attire with trainers. And ladies, a good sports bra is imperative with all that bouncing around! Bring a water bottle, plus a towel if you like, and most certainly a good sense of humour.

There are some child-friendly sessions in place on Sunday mornings where kids of any age can attend while you workout. Some mums stop to breastfeed, others are managing potty runs or just needing to give cuddles in between jumping along. There’s likely to be a tantrum or two, or sharing your trampoline with your little one – the Instructor just carries on, no-one minds. You don’t have to be a mum to come along, the workout is still the same!

All spaces must be booked in advance, no cash on arrival, so click here to secure a trampoline space.

Sunday08:45 to 09:45
Tuesday19:30 to 20:30ad hoc basis
Thursday19.00 to 19:45


Fiona Martins
07873 595363